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Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring? Yeah right....

As I sit at the computer and post to all of you out there... I'm looking out the front windows of the shop. What do I see you ask?? SNOW. I don't even want to talk about it. It's falling... and while the forecasters tried to make it into the STORM OF THE CENTURY, it fooled them all and shifted farther south. I think it should be mandatory that weathermen/women have windows in their offices. I can just picture a forecaster sitting in a cubicle with no windows anywhere, telling US what it's doing outside. Okay, enough about that... *stepping down from soap box*

What a week it's been at CFA. I had so many wonderful customers in this week that are so exciting! One in particular - Kathy Eyre has embarked on a voyage into the wonderful world of Felting!! She was here Tuesday, and then yesterday only a day and a half later, she was back! Look at what she brought to show us! It's a lizard in a wool coat! Complete with a beaded necklace!!! It's the best use for a plastic lizard I think I've ever seen! Fantastic job Kathy! Keep up the great work!

A few other things to post quick. We have a completed a sample of the Knit/Felt Noni Bag here for you to look at. This class is coming up in only two weeks and we still have spaces available. Imagine taking this to a summer wedding, graduation, reunion or just a delightful night out. A great introduction to knitting and felting, beading and knitting flowers.

Our shipment of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece will be arriving in the next few days. We're just itching to get our hands on it so we can make up a sample of this irresistable summer tank for little girls. (Actually, I want to make one little, so I can adapt the pattern to one MY size!)

It's sooo darn cute! How could you resist making that??

A new shipment of Frog Tree's Ceramic Buttons arrived this week and we're expecting a new shipment of books the first part of next week.

We leave you with some knitting humor... remember to stay warm this crazy spring weekend. Isn't it just the perfect weather to snuggle up with a cup of tea and some yarn.....


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